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Anyone Can Book a Gig [Online Course]

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Anyone Can Book a Gig [Online Course]

$ 280.00

As a musician, chances are you're on your own trying to figure out how to make a living playing music. The good news? If you have a fan base and are ready to tour and expand your audience, booking a tour is not as hard as you think.

Music Works International's Katherine McVicker took her knowledge, shortcuts, and hard-knocks accumulated over 30+ years of booking tours for hundreds of artists, like Grammy award-winners Norah Jones, Wayne Shorter, Branford Marsalis, and Christian McBride, and rolled it into Anyone Can Book A Gig. Our online course will give you, in six steps, the basic tools and information necessary for artists to successfully book themselves shows at any stage of their career

Enroll in the class today and learn how to:

  • Calculate financial deals and negotiate performance fees
  • Build a relationship with a venue to increase your profit and grow your audience
  • Understand the component parts of a performance contract and the right way to negotiate it
  • Store, present, and organize your promotional material to start landing your dream gigs
  • Know all the real do’s and don’ts of talking with promoters
  • Think outside of the box with specialized techniques to market your music on and offline

After purchasing, you will be sent a link with instructions on how to access the course.  

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