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Homebodies+ [FLAC Download]

Lee Pardini

Homebodies+ [FLAC Download]

$ 15.99

Homebodies - people who enjoy the peaceful quiet of home. Someone with a natural resistance to social pressures and norms. The idea of searching for a sense of “home.” The search for someone that makes you feel "home,” someone that represents safety and comfort. Someone who you can share and create a home with. Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
Homebodies is an album that reflects 10 years of writing and experience. From playing in bands and spending a life on the road, to breakups and lost relationships, Homebodies is an attempt to make sense of the world. This album is a personal quest to find a voice, to feel comfortable in my own skin as an artist. While this album focuses heavily on grooves that feel good, there is also a concerted effort to push beyond what people’s preconceptions of a jazz album are, and even more importantly, it's an attempt to push beyond the boundaries of who people think I am as an artist. I wanted to be sure to include some historical references in these works and as a jazz musician, I wanted to recognize the work of everyone who has devoted their lives to this music. Improvising is one of the purest forms of self expression and this album was graced by the presence of some of today’s most epic improvisers. Exploring this music was essentially a search for a home body. The compositions are the homebody for the spontaneous moments of improvisation. (Lee Pardini, 2020). 
  1. whatsoever 
  2. Main Title 
  3. ETA 
  4. Home 
  5. Sibley 
  6. One Day at a Time 
  7. Lou 
  8. LV, NV 
  9. Most Fun I’ve Had All Week 
  10. Rancho 
  11. ETA (Trio, LA)
  12. Sibley (Quintet, NYC)
  13. LV, NV (Solo, Home)
  14. One Day at a Time (Trio, LA)
  15. Rancho (Quintet, NYC)

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