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Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet [MP3 Download]

Becca Stevens, Attacca Quartet

Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet [MP3 Download]

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Nearly a decade ago, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and 2021 GRAMMY® nominee Becca Stevens was approached with an intriguing concept: to reimagine a selection of her songs with string arrangements for a performance at San Diego’s illustrious Mainly Mozart Festival. Little did she know, it would be a life-changing opportunity—introducing her to her future husband, the acclaimed violist, composer, and member of the GRAMMY® Award-winning Attacca Quartet, Nathan Schram. The concert would also inspire a career-spanning passion project—one which blossomed alongside her relationship with Nathan and resulted in the couple’s first collaborative album, Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet.

 Since the recording of Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet, much has transpired. Among the highlights are Becca’s first GRAMMY® nod (2020’s WONDERBLOOM) and Attacca’s first GRAMMY® win (2019’s Orange). Nathan also released a solo debut, Oak and the Ghost, while Becca earned praise for her latest record, Becca Stevens & The Secret Trio. The quartet, meanwhile, continues to push their creative boundaries—particularly with their latest record, Real Life, which finds them further exploring the work of electronic artists.


Now, with the release of Becca Stevens | Attacca Quartet, the couple embarks on a new journey together. Yet the album also closes a chapter for Becca. Rarely does an artist get the opportunity to examine—and reimagine—their work quite as intensely as Becca has over the past decade. “It’s very satisfying to see that a song still works, years after writing it,” she reflects. “I think that growth is a beautiful aspect of this project. We are realizing these songs in a different light and bringing a brand-new energy to them.”

“But I’m also passionate about this collaboration because it’s my love story with my husband,” she adds. “To stand on stage with Nathan and Attacca and to play songs that span the entirety of my recorded career is an incredibly fulfilling experience.”

Track List: 
  1. Be Still (arr. Liam Robinson) 
  2. Reminder (arr. Bill Stevens) 
  3. Canyon Dust (arr. Stephen Prutsman) 
  4. For You the Night Is Still (arr. Becca Stevens)
  5. No More (arr. William Stevens) 
  6. Venus (arr. Michael Ippolito)
  7. I Am No Artist (arr. Nathan Schram)
  8. 2 + 2 = 5 (arr. Nathan Schram) 
  9. 45 Bucks (arr. William Stevens) 
  10. 105 (arr. William Stevens) 
  11. Klapp Klapp (arr. Nathan Schram) 
  12. We Knew Love (arr. Bill Stevens) 
  13. Tillery (arr. Timo Andres) 
  14. Traveler's Blessing (arr. Stephen Prutsman)

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