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Principio Del Fuego [MP3 Download]


Principio Del Fuego [MP3 Download]

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"A rare musician because, above all, a spirit steeped in poetry. The images arising from the words that weave the lyrics of her songs compose rich paintings, with poetic realism similar to that of the frescoes [...] which illustrate the aesthetics of her native country: Mexico. There is a mysterious telluric force in the poetry, music and singing of Fuensanta"‍   Serge Mariani - Art District Radio

Fuensanta is a singer, double bassist, composer, improviser & multidisciplinary artist born in the water forest of Veracruz [Mexico] and based in Amsterdam. Her music holds rare and simple poetry to be a sincere crystal that helps open a surreal vision over the things in the world. 

Fuensanta’s debut studio EP will be released this summer through NYC label GroundUp Music.

Fuensanta's main projects are Fuensanta & Ensamble Grande, her trio with Marta Arpini & Līva Dumpe, and Perselí. Currently artist in residence (2021-2023) at BIMHUIS for a collaboration in support of her projects in music, poetry, illustration & photography, and dance. First photo exhibition Amancio at BIMHUIS (summer 2022). Fuensanta Ensamble Grande live album re-released amongst best 2022 albums by European Jazz Network. Debut album of collective trio Perselí released in September 2022 through Minaret Records, Los Angeles based independent jazz label. 

Born in 1995 in Tlalnelhuayocan. Grew up to a dancer & choreographer mother, radio producer & choir singer father, and two sisters in a household with books, contemporary music and Latin American folklore. Was a dancer until age 13, when she decided to be a singer for life after first singing lesson. Started through private classes with voice ensembles & percussion. Then studied vocals, piano and double bass at JazzUV in Xalapa (Veracruz) and theater & Son Jarocho (folkloric music of Veracruz) in high school. Moved to The Netherlands in 2015 to study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, from which she graduated summa cum laude in 2019 in a recital with her Ensamble Grande, that became first live album. She debuted her compositions in Europe at Prinses Christina Jazz Concours in 2016, with 1st place & and an invitation to play with her quintet at North Sea Jazz,  also was Jóvenes Creadores national grant for young composers in Mexico in 2018. Played as bandleader & solo around Europe, as well as collaborations in improvised music & interdisciplinary projects as a musician and poet.

Fuensanta collaborates with artists such as Louis Cole, Han Bennink, Ben van Gelder, Genevieve Artadi, Reinier Baas, Aaron Parks, Sun Mi Hong, Tineke Postma, Ben Wendel, Kit Downes, Sanem Kalfa, Teis Semey, Joris Roelofs, Nawras Altaky & Magalí Datzira.

Track List:
1. No Será Regresar
2. Noche
3. Cuándo Te Voy A Decir
4. Principio
5. Tão Na Minha Cara

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