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VARI [MP3 Download]

Varijashree Venugopal

VARI [MP3 Download]

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Artist Bio:
Varijashree was widely recognised as a child prodigy who could identify a 100 Carnatic ragas at the tender age of 18 months, who began performing Carnatic concerts at the age of 4. Coming from a rich background of an intricate classical form of music such as Carnatic music, Varijashree is one of the pioneering artists in applying the techniques, fundamentals, and the sound & soul of Indian singing in the global music context. Apart from being a singer, Varijashree is also a flautist, composer, a song writer, and a music educator. As an artist of unique capabilities, Varijashree has been featured alongside and collaborated with few of the most notable musical personalities in the world such as Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Bèla Fleck, Hamilton de Holanda, Eddie Gomez, Michael League & Snarky Puppy, Ricky Kej, and more.

Her eponymous original music album “VARI” set for release in May 2024, produced by Grammy (R) Award Winning artist Michael League of Snarky Puppy is a conjunction of Indian music and Global music presented on the sonic platter of Indian classical and folk percussion. The heart and soul of the album lies in its sound with a mission to transcend boundaries.

Album Bio :

“VARI" is Varijashree Venugopal’s first original music album, produced by Grammy Award-winning artist Michael League, acclaimed for his work with Snarky Puppy. This album is an enriching exploration of the global soundscape, where Indian classical music meets a diverse array of musical traditions, all brought together by the rhythmic tapestry of Indian percussion. It is a sonic journey with a singular mission: to unite cultures through the universal language of music.

"VARI" in the language of Sanskrit, translates to ‘water’ - a symbol of life, fluidity, and grace. Water embodies purity, clarity, and transparency - qualities that inspire the harmonious interflow of diverse musical cultures within this album.

Each track on "VARI" invites listeners on a transcendent odyssey, merging boundaries and carrying India's rich musical heritage to far-flung corners of the world. This eagerly awaited album is a vibrant celebration of global diversity, skillfully weaving together sounds, melodies, and rhythms from across the planet. "VARI" serves as a timeless testament to the power of music to bridge cultures, embodying the spirit of world music and the beauty of shared artistic expression.

From the Artist:
This album is an ode to all the teachers who have shared a piece of their life with me; taught me how to experience, explore, expand, and express through the medium of music. Being a student of Carnatic Music for the past three decades has enabled me to find my voice.

“VARI” is a love story of all the musical threads from around the world that have come together to weave the fabric of my creative being.

It is an immense honour to have Michael League produce this album, an artist that I immensely admire and have the privilege of calling my dear friend, along with yet another gem of a friend and musician par excellence, Pramath Kiran, who has co-produced this album.

I thank my parents, gurus, and well wishers for continually sending me their best energies and blessings right from the moment I sang my first note.

Seeking for an eternal flow of sound,  - Vari

1. Dream
2. Ranjani (feat. Béla Fleck)
3. Harivaa Jhari
4. Summaniru (feat. Rajhesh Vaidhya)
5. Nee
6. Liquid Light
7. Jaathre (feat. Anat Cohen)
8. Teardrop
9. Search
10. Kannada
11. Chasing the Horizon (feat. Victor Wooten & Hamilton de Holanda)
12. Where It All Began

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