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GroundUP Music Exclusive Newsletter - Monthly Subscription

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GroundUP Music Exclusive Newsletter - Monthly Subscription

$ 10.00

Premium postcard delivered to your door each month; currently available in the US ONLY. Digital Content Bundle will be accessible once the postcard is received. 

Purchasers today will receive their first postcard in the first two weeks of the following month..

Each month, you will receive:

  1. Envelope
  2. Glossed Postcard
    1. Artwork featuring Archived Concert Photos 
  3. Exclusive Digital Content Bundle
    1. Digital Download- either mp3 or FLAC of upcoming or prior releases from the GroundUP catalog 
    2. LiveSnarky- FLAC download of archived show each month 
    3. Monthly Curated Playlist
    4. Music Videos- first access to upcoming music video releases 
    5. Never Before Seen Video/Photo- behind the scenes footage, archived content

* Please see our Subscription Policy for more information

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